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L:A Bruket Sápa - Merjam/Eucalyptus 450ml

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L:A BRUKET 1117 Handsápa Merjam/Eucalyptus

Highly moisturizing liquid hand and body wash. Organic essential oil mix from eu- calyptus and marjoram leaves are cooling and refreshing and has stimulating and healing effects. Used as aromatherapy for sharpening your mind. Secret tip: pour some soap in your bath to clear breathing and receive an invigorating effect. Organic and/or natural ingredients. Eucalyptus leaf oil has cooling, stimulating, healing and bacteriostatic properties. Marjoram leaf oil is antioxidant, stimulating and warming, also known to be antiseptic.

Magn: 450 ml.

"L:A Bruket Sápa - Merjam/Eucalyptus 450ml"
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