Paia Copenhagen

Paia Copenhagen Twist kerti - 4stk

  • The twisted candles from Paia Copenhagen are a top quality product that you can burn in your home with a clear conscience while also being a beautiful addition to your home decor. In this package you get four beautifully handcrafted candles.
    The four candles are packed in a beautiful FSC certified white gift box which makes it a suitable to use as a hostess gift.
    The candles are made in Europe from 100% fully refined paraffin from Germany and have a soot value far below the EU standard requirements.
  • Colour: Chalk
    7 hours burn time / Self-extinguishing / H 30 cm / W 2.2 cm \n 100% Fully-refined paraffin from Germany A lead-free organic wick (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®) FSC-certified box, which consists of 35% recycled fibers Soot index far below the EU requirement Handcrafted in Europe
  • The scented candle contains i.a. Olibanum, which is known in aromatherapy to have a calming, bactericidal, wound-healing effect and to strengthen the immune system. Combined with Pink Pepper, the scent is very balanced which gives a calming and almost spiritual effect.

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