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Mini+mattress cold foam 68*162*12cm

The average night’s sleep for children is about 12 hours, during which they process the many impressions and experiences of the day. A cold foam mattress gives the little body every opportunity to recover and recharge for a new day full of new adventures.

The mattress provides good support for the whole body, so the child lies safely and comfortably in all positions. The mattress does not have sleeping zones, as many adult mattresses do. Sleep zones provide special support for specific parts of the body, but as children usually sleep like a helicopter, turning over and over many times during the night, sleep zones are unnecessary.

Young children are not yet very good at regulating their body temperature. The open-pore cold foam helps air circulate through the mattress core and wicks away moisture, allowing the child to regulate the body temperature.

Dust and dirt have a tough time settling into the mattress. With an easily washable cover, the mattress has a high level of hygiene and is suitable for allergy sufferers. If the worst comes to the worst, you can even wash the top part of the two-piece cover, as it comes with an attached zip-off zipper that makes it easy to get it off and on.

Dimensions: w 68 × l 162 × h 12 cm

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